• Make: Delage
  • Model: D12
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Transmission: 8 Speed Forward / 1 Speed Back (electric)
  • Engine: V12 / 7599cc
  • Electric Engine: 110 hp
  • Power: 990 hp (total 1,100 hp)
  • Top Speed: 360 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h: 2.6 sec

A clean yet aggressive and futuristic design, inspired by formula 1 and fighter-jets, wide and ultra-low.


Delage D12

The D12 is an attempt to offer the closest road-legal car ever made to a Formula 1, using a Monocoque and frontal crash-box in carbon, along with full carbon bodywork with active aerodynamics (front wings, airbrakes, rear wing), offering more than double the downforce of all cars currently road legal in the European Union. Delage is the only street legal car manufacturer with the rights to use Mauro Bianchi’s contractive suspension patents for a road car. This design revolutionized F1 in 1998 and currently equips all F1 cars. The Delage has a central driving position, as in Formula 1, albeit with space for a passenger behind the driver, in tandem. While there is a canopy there are no traditional doors, and there is a “Speedster” option which incorporates a smaller windscreen and also an “F1” option with a wind deflector and no windscreen. As in Formula 1, Delage also has triple flow brake cooling, and a full carbon rim with a “fan” cooling effect

Other characteristics include an interior fully tailor-made for each customer on all its contact points: seat (full carbon), F1 type steering wheel handles, and pedal placement. The 7.6-liter Delage V12 engine is naturally aspirated, develops 990 PS (728 kW; 976 hp) and includes low voltage electric motor developing either 110 PS (81 kW; 108 hp) (GT version) or 20 PS (15 kW; 20 hp) (Club version).

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Nick Campolucci: +44 (0)7933 238698

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