We sell hand-built vehicles

Cutting-edge manufacturer partners. Ultra-low volume vehicles. Off-market products. One-off commissions. A curated buying and ownership experience. Super-luxury, extreme performance, resto-mod, coachbuilding

The best connections in the high-end vehicle world

Our boutique manufacturer partners are typically high-tech engineering houses proven in developing vehicles for major carmakers. Often they’re the skunkworks or special vehicle operation, or an atelier for a brand’s heritage continuation models. We partner with the world’s best builders and suppliers but are strategically based in the UK, the world leader in specialist vehicle engineering and manufacture.

The product – making it personal

Today’s luxury customer wants personalised products and we deliver that, helped by new technologies making the creation of bespoke vehicles more efficient and, crucially, ever more tailored. We have in-house design capability to develop concepts directly with the customer, and international design, coachbuilding and engineering teams to develop and deliver the final product.

The experience – every bit as bespoke

It’s not all about the hardware. We provide an ongoing and seamless personal service from first design concept ideation, through experiential interaction with engineering and manufacturing partners, to handover and living with the vehicle. We curate the process. You have a single point of contact, connecting you to an ecosystem of global expertise.

Bespoke or not – we keep it personal

If you don’t want a bespoke product built to order, we always have access to unique or rare pre-built cars for sale, and can accept your brief to identify the car that best reflects your lifestyle. If it’s interesting, we’ll know about it and where to find it, anywhere in the world. And you get the same personalised experience.