Electrifying Classics


  • Make: Revival
  • Model: Healey EV
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Transmission: Electric motor

World class style with planet friendly credentials.


What they do

Revival bring the world’s most iconic cars back to life. Contributing to four of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we also restore vitality to places, people and our amazing planet. As part of our growing business, we are aiming to contribute a percentage of our future success to projects supporting our planet and our communities. We are responsible entrepreneurs and we believe in the power of the ‘paying forward’ concept to drive positive change.

Driven by Integrity

Their vision at Revival Autos is to become the most influential leading provider of electrified classic cars. Offering a unique combination of luxury, environmental consciousness and social impact, we’re on a mission to preserve the beauty and heritage of iconic cars while inspiring a shift towards sustainable motoring.

The Mission

Revival are passionate about preserving the beauty of classic cars, such as the Austin Healeys, while embracing the future of sustainable transportation. Our mission is to revitalise stunning classic cars by transforming them into electric vehicles while contributing to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. We aim to combine the timeless charm and craftsmanship of these iconic cars with cutting-edge electric technology, creating a harmonious blend of nostalgia and innovation. We are committed to empowering individuals seeking a second chance in their careers and fostering a luxury lifestyle brand that embodies elegance, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

More than a Car Company

Revival is more than a company; it is a celebration of automotive heritage, technological innovation, and a commitment to a brighter future. By electrifying classic cars, we offer an exclusive opportunity for car enthusiasts to own a piece of automotive history while contributing to a greener and more sustainable planet. Get in touch to enquire and get your own piece of history.

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Ian Smith: +44 (0)7774 100006
Nick Campolucci: +44 (0)7933 238698

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