Langen Motorcycles



  • Make: Langen Motorcycles
  • Style: Muscle cruiser
  • Colours: Customise as required
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Engine: 1190cc V twin
  • Power: 185 BHP
  • Torque: 138 Nm
  • Weight: 185 Kg

Its stunning handcrafted frame, carbon fibre fuel tank, beautifully machined metalwork limited to 185 examples. This powerful motorcycle boasts a power to weight figure of 1000 BHP per tonne.


Pure exhilaration

Welcome to the world of pure exhilaration and timeless elegance with the Langen Lightspeed. This exceptional motorcycle is a testament to the artistry and meticulous attention to detail that Langen Motorcycles put into every handcrafted machine. With its sleek and aerodynamic silhouette, the Lightspeed is the perfect symphony of design and power. The beating heart of this machine is an awe-inspiring 1,190cc V-twin engine, producing 185 horsepower that has been precision mapped to provide the rider with exhilaration and engagement through the rev range. From the moment you set eyes on the Langen Lightspeed you will be captivated by its strong yet elegant presence. Fire up the engine and the thunderous roar sharpens your senses and quickens your pulse. The Langen Lightspeed is the embodiment of passion and performance.

Every one of the 185 exclusive machines is a brand new commission – each one as individual as the owner.

Under the hood lies a meticulously crafted 1,190cc V-Twin engine, a result of the collaborative engineering prowess of Buell Motorcycles and Langen. This limited-production masterpiece, with just 185 units available, stands as a testament to its unparalleled exclusivity. Prepare to redefine your riding experience with the Langen LightSpeed—an embodiment of innovation, power, and sheer elegance on two wheels.

1 ) With a staggering 185 horsepower at 10,600 RPM, the Langen Lightspeed delivers an unmatched surge of power.

2) Its 1,190cc engine boasts an impressive displacement, ensuring relentless performance and responsiveness on the road.

3) An impressive 138 Newton-meters of torque delivered at 8200 RPM, this high-performance engine ensures a thrilling and dynamic driving experience.

4) Boasting an astounding power-to-weight ratio of 1000 brake horsepower per tonne, this vehicle achieves an unparalleled level of speed and acceleration on the road.

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