Manufattura Automobili Torino

Jewelry Line


  • Make: MAT
  • Model: Jewelry Line

“Manufattura Automobili Torino offer a fully bespoke coach building service to our clients looking for someone to bring their unique vision to life.”


Fully Bespoke Vehicle Build Service

Jewelry stands for beauty, attention to detail and high-end materials. M.A.T.’s will is to go back to the origins of car-building art, making handmade vehicles that take inspiration from legendary cars from the past through a
completely bespoke process.

Design & Research

An inspiration is chosen, studied, thoroughly understood, re-designed and re-imagined around its Client.
No stone is unturned and no page remains unread, so that we can fully comprehend and heighten their heritage and value of each car. Every line is redesigned, and every detail is brought to life and enhanced, with the sole aim to
remain true to the spirit of the legendary vehicles that we take inspiration from. Finally, through a completely bespoke design process, that same spirit connects with the car and its driver: shaping the car around its owner becomes a mission and pride that is at the core of our jewels

Engineering & Development

The expertise and problem solving skills of our engineers are key to our success. Between the
designing and the building of our vehicles, they make it possible to satisfy all the requests coming from the client and other departments: every challenge is an opportunity. We can shape every detail according to our client’s desires, finding the perfect mix between customization, innovation, precision and new technologies.


Where every single component is built and assembled by hand, with care and maniacal attention to details.
Where every single metal panel is shaped in a “past century way of doing things” by M.A.T. artisans staying true to the original “carrozzerie” spirit. Even the Chassis and the mechanical components are
specific for each Jewel, shaped following modern technologies, but without clouding the essence of the

Simply put, their expertise and experience will enable them to turn your dreams into reality. Reach out to Casmin to start this unique experience…

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