• Model(s): Brigitte, Adéle, Marianne and Eugénie
  • Engine: Electric Motor
  • Power: 15KW
  • Range: 150 – 220 Km/ 93 – 137 Miles
  • Weight: 720 Kg

Combining beautiful styling and ample performance with engaging handling and modern creature comforts, its unique blend of classic form and contemporary function.


The Story

This vehicle is a sculpture, a concept, a unique experience where “chic” style, pleasure, freedom and ecology are its DNA. The electric side of our classic cars has very quickly become natural. When you understand the philosophy of this vehicle, there can only be this engine. Especially now with the advancements in automotive technology.

Even if its handling is exceptional, this is not the philosophy of the vehicle. We are here for the pleasure of the object and for a unique feeling of freedom.

For those who are lucky enough to drive a DEVINCI CARS, they will discover unique sensations!

Jean-Philippe Dayraut: a passionate creator of retro-electric vehicles

Jean-Philippe Dayraut has been immersed in the world of sports cars since his early childhood. He has always had a passion for motorsport, mechanics, technology and art. At 14, he designed his first cars.

Jean-Philippe had a successful career. First, he won the Formula France Junior championship (1999) and obtained a 2nd place in BMX France (Max Commençal’s Team Sunn). He then won in several other categories, including the French Supertourism Championship (2001), the World Ice Racing Championship (2003), the Peugeot RC Cup competition (2004)…

But he really distinguished himself during the Andros e-Trophy (this is the French rallycross type ice racing championship). He won 6 titles there, during the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015 editions. On the occasion of the legendary American race at Pikes Peak, he finished in 2nd place.

He founded the Devinci Cars brand in 2017. The Classic, his first 100% electric vehicle, was remarkably well received when it was presented at the Retromobile Show (in 2018).



Devinci Cars is a French car brand. For the design of its vehicles, it works in close collaboration with local craftsmen recognized for their unique know-how. It only uses materials that respect ecological standards, without any thinners, chemicals or mercury. All his models are built entirely by hand and in limited quantities.

Devinci vehicles are designed with attention to detail and receive unique care. They combine performance and absolute comfort, are perfectly balanced and provide a pleasant driving sensation. Between exclusivity and innovation, they allow driving in an ecological and unprecedented way. Elegant design, lightness, reliability, modern technology, safety and ease of repair: these are the watchwords of the brand.

The manufacturer appeals to people who attach importance to environmental protection and lovers of vehicles with a retro look.


Available in only 40 copies, the Brigitte is one of the brand’s finest successes. Symbolizing elegance in its raw state, this limited-edition model perfectly illustrates Jean-Philippe Dayraut’s know-how in terms of craftsmanship. The materials used in the composition of this vehicle are aluminum for the front bodywork and fiber for the rear cover. The Brigitte has a natural raw aluminum color and the bodywork is covered with transparent anti-scratch protection. The chassis, meanwhile, is made of mechanically welded steel and safety was at the heart of the vehicle’s design with, in particular, driver and co-driver side reinforcements and a central roll bar.

Another Devinci model to combine innovation and artistic manufacture, the Adèle adopts a much sportier appearance than the Brigitte. The exterior is designed with 12 layers of aluminum for the front and fiber also for the rear cover. There is also 100% natural leather in the cabin. There are currently 20 examples of this model… enough to satisfy lovers of truly unique top-of-the-range vehicles. The color of the rear bonnet is a glossy paint dedicated to fibre: RAL 3011. This model has the same side reinforcements and single central hoop for maximum safety for the driver and his passenger. The Adele grille is made of exotic wood to which a highly resistant varnish has been applied. We find the same rims as on the other models of the brand, namely dimensions 16 ” x 3.5 ”.

Currently available in only 10 units, the Marianne is another illustration of the know-how and quality of the manufacturer’s vehicles. This model is very different from the two previous ones since it required more than 200 hours of additional work for its manufacture. The entire exterior and interior design was reworked for the occasion by Jean-Philippe Dayraut for an incredible result. Composed of aluminum and fiber, the body of the Marianne ensures driving comfort that is difficult to match and guarantees maximum rigidity and weight gain for the vehicle. Whether it’s the colors or the finishes, each aesthetic element comes from the fertile imagination of Jean-Philippe Dayraut, like the decorative numbers appearing on the bonnet and at the rear of the vehicle. This model has a mechanically welded tubular frame with the same protective devices as the previous models presented. The Marianne’s grille is an example of simplicity while giving the vehicle its own identity.

Only five copies of the Eugénie were designed. No less than 600 hours of work were required to create this exceptional vehicle which surpasses the three previous models in terms of design and power. It was the designer himself who produced the various painted decorations for this exceptional automobile. 827 waterproof rivets in aviation-grade stainless steel equip the body of the Eugénie and give it incredible robustness. Whether it is the counter, the dashboard or the floor, all the elements fitted to this model have been specially created for this occasion.

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