Enter the digital race…


  • Computer: Bespoke simulator computer with a 12GB GeForce RTX graphics card & 16GB memory
  • Pre installed software: Assetto Corsa
  • Screen: AOC 49” Dual-QHD 5k resolution curved monitor with 165Hz refresh rate
  • Steering wheel: Precision Sim Engineering LM Pro with 5 rotary dials, 12 push buttons & carbon fibre paddles
  • Steering motor: Simucube 2 PRO steering motor
  • Pedal box: Mechanical pedal box, electrically adjustable
  • Seat: Cobra Nogaro Seat

“The most beautiful racing simulator in the world”


Prodrive racing simulator

A new concept in racing simulators, designed not only to offer a first-class simulator experience, but also to be a striking piece of home furniture. The sculpted carbon monocoque housing the driver’s seat, the screen, steering wheel, and pedal box appear to float beneath a striking canopy of 16 layers of beech which are encased in an elegant lacquered gloss black finish.

Not only is this beautiful to look at from the outside but wraps over the driver to give an immersive experience that feels like being in the cockpit of a race car.

Created to be a statement art piece, design house CALLUM has blended traditional and modern materials together to create a piece of furniture that would take pride of place in any home or venue.

“This design intrigues. You know it’s a simulator, but then you have to look again. The sweeping form and ‘piano black’ gloss finish take the Racing Simulator to a whole new place – it’s a piece of furniture that can elegantly sit in a
living space.”
Ian Callum MBE

The Prodrive Racing Simulator applies all our 35 years of racing knowledge and accumulated race data to deliver the best experience possible. Having raced in almost every major motorsport discipline, winning multiple world championships, our engineers are uniquely able to design, build and calibrate this incredibly faithful
recreation of real world racing.

We’ve combined our proficiency with the best technology to produce a uniquely immersive experience. From the feedback through the steering wheel to the precise amount of braking, the absorbing nature of the Prodrive Racing Simulator matches the spectacular design.

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